Vision: Create Work / Lower CO2 Footprints



Tips / Techniques to effective energy conservation in any building - Includes: Schools, Government, Business, Residence, Churches, Factories, Hospitality, Convention Centers, Airports, Docks, Terminals, Transportation ...

Tracking effective energy projects requires simple BEFORE / AFTER historical data, snapshots, usage targets, new habits, etc. Measurements ensure project effectiveness!

SHARE stories of how you realised that current finite energy sources are NO longer a long-term solution. Create Entities (up to 10 / person, separate logins) after Register   FREE for individuals! You just need type of building (Entity title) kWh, cost, time period, supplier from last utility statement, 1 building / 2 Entities (BEFORE / AFTER energized snapshots)

Just for grins - Estimate / guess kWh building consumption during Registration and update later from actual utility invoices - You may be surprised at the lack of accuracy!


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