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BENEFITS of sustainable best practices / reducing grid-based kWh usage!

How can ALL caring responsible Virginians reduce kWh energy usage by 10% in 12 months? Read on - this column (below)

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If the source of electricity is hydro-based then your eco-sustainability priorities may be different However, with an expanding population, growing movements to dismantle dams, and increasing demand, even hydro-based electricity needs to be used more efficiently 

If you are still not convinced of the benefits of saving electricity on a continuous basis - read on!

In 2006 Dominion Power (primary electric utility in Virginia) had requested approval from the Virginia SCC powers that be - To install a brand new 500KV transmission line which was going to come within 400 yards of one particular residence. NIMBY jumped to the forefront and a father / son attended many public hearings on these important matters. In addition - Dad testified to the SCC (15 pages submitted - 40 hours of preparation) in Front Royal Virginia about the negative impacts of the proposed power line.

Local environmental groups like the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC had previously stopped Disney World in VA), The Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP), and many other like-minded non-profits joined the fray.

All to no avail. The line was approved.

Dominion is also building brand new power plant in Wise VA to use coal obtained by Mountain Top Removal (MTR - Blasting to get to the 5% coal content) and removal of up to 1000 feet of mountain top (about 40 destroyed to date). In todays' enlightened environment does this make sense? Is the true cost of coal / waste products being taken into account?

Additional research found that for each kWh used in Virginia (especially NOVA) a 1.13 pounds of coal are burned. So 1000 kWh per typical residence per month equals 1130 pounds of coal per month or 6 tons per year - along with CO2 emissions (pounds equal kWh times 1.13) - CLEAN coal technology does NOT exist today despite what the loud lobbyists are saying on TV. Talk to ANY miner - they KNOW!

These seven state and local benefits exist (after the father / son reduced their home kWh consumption by 50% over 3 years at a cost of less than $100):

1) A 10-25% kWh reduction by Virginia residents in their homes delays the need for any new coal fired-power plants until 2017

2) During the ensuing timeframe renewable energy technologies will came online at cost-effective rates

3) Quality of life improves with raised energy awareness - families come together to solve common issues - the children are better educated to deal with the changing future

4) By saving energy, local governments and schools save millions of $ at a time when tax revenues are declining 

5) The solution is everyone working together within a reasonable timeframe with a renewed SENSE OF URGENCY! We can manage with LESS, and LESS is now MORE!

6) A 10% kWh reduction in Virginia witihn 12 months is attainable with MINIMAL effort and minor cost through increased education, proliferation of success stories, use of EnergizedFauquier  and basic knowledge transfer of energy-related matters. 

7) In partnership with IntraGroups and SiteWhirks Inc (click their logo at bottom of home page and visit their web site) a new easy-to-use personal energy management system has been made available. Access is free to participants who record and track their own personal journies of energy enlightenment and / or BEFORE / AFTER energy snapshots.

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