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1) Energized Communities  Go online August 31, 2010 PRWeb

2) Energy "Konektions" PRWebBP Konektions July 23, 2010

3) Energy Efficiency: Back in the day PRWeb April 17, 2008

Since launch in early 2009 "Energized Fauquier" has saved energy costs of $330K in Public Schools and $100K+ in County Government thanks to a true community effort

Chris Miller PEC: Sunday Supper Club July 11, 2010

Schools 80% County 20% Times papers January 23, 2009

Opinion gets others to think: How about you Fauquier Times-Democrat

Energy Conservation for Fauquier County: SundaySupperClub 

Energy is everyone's business: everyoneand energy Fauquier Times-Democrat

Brand new to Facebook (Personal) in August 2010: Facebook Founder 

BLOGIntraGroups BLOG link  

Business in Facebook August 2010: Facebook/Energized-Fauquier 

Note 1: Where on earth is Fauquier (be careful how you pronounce it, with a French accent)? Fauquier County is about 50 miles west of Washington DC. Interstate 66 passes through the northern portion. Home to the founding of "Earth Day" at Airlie in Warrenton over 40 years ago by a great "think tank" of the day."As the Piedmont goes - so goes the world" - quote by author/speaker at the 2007 annual meeting of the PEC (www.pecva.org).

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