Vision: Create Work / Lower CO2 Footprints


Research: Saving energy in existing buildings

Good news - Virginia has been voted #1 in the nation for Businesses! Bad news - Virginia is one of the lowest ranked states with respect to energy conservation efforts, support, initiatives and results. How can Virginia reconcile these apparent disparities in the next 12 months?

1) By residents reducing their utility supplied grid-based electrical kWh consumption by 10%

2) By businesses following the lead of residents as they (employees, consultants, FTEs) transfer knowledge, experiences and results to their places of work (brick or virtual)

3) By local communities embracing change and recognizing the efforts of residents in saving energy through events, awards, newspaper / magazine articles, etc.

4) By local governments updating local standards such as idling policies for school buses and government vehicles, granting property tax relief to homeowners and businesses that reduce energy consumption

5) By schools adding energy conservation best practices to notice boards, web sites, and teacher education / skills

6) By Richmond politicians recognising that the old business-as-usual model is outdated, a dinosaur, and holding us back from new opportunities in renewable energies

7) By Non-Profits making smarter use of energy and sharing efforts / knowledge / better practices with similar organizations and creating joint programs, initiatives, projects, etc.


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